Hi! I’m Rohan, a computer science student at UCLA. My main interests are software engineering, machine learning, math, running, playing chess, reading, and writing. I’m originally from San Jose, California.


I will be joining Facebook as a software engineer after graduation.


Previously, I worked at Facebook, Affirm, Blend, and Hudl in software engineering/machine learning roles.


From Fall 2015 to Winter 2018, I was an undergraduate machine learning researcher at UCLA’s Ozcan Research Group, where I worked on deep learning models that were used to diagnose bloodborne and waterborne pathogen disease.


I write about things on this blog, Quora, and Medium. Below is a list of my favorite pieces I’ve written.

  1. Getting Started in Machine Learning

  2. My answer to “Why is the 0-1 loss a poor choice of loss function?

  3. An explanation of kernelized Support Vector Machines

  4. What is it like to be a Computer Science Student at UCLA?

  5. What are the most promising startups to watch in 2017?

  6. Welcome to AI at UCLA!

  7. Scaled ML Notes and Thoughts


I’ve found that one of the best ways to learn something is by being able to explain it, so I’ve tried to do that in the following posts.

  1. Word2Vec and Language Modeling and discussion on HN

  2. Bias and Variance in Machine Learning

  3. Tensorflow workshop series to which all other AI officers contributed to.

  4. Implementing a Neural Network in Python


My reading list can be found here. I try to keep this page updated somewhat regularly with some ideas for projects/products that I’ve had.

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